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Christopher A. Pace is dedicated to serving the needs of Florida small businesses and working towards reducing its small business clients’ expenses.

I understand the importance of helping your small business run smoothly. As such, I can provide a range of small business legal services to assist you, and working with me we can eliminate the need for expensive in-house counsel. To make an appointment, please call (407) 647-8911.

Business Formation

I will help you choose the business entity that best meets your business goals. Among others, business law covers laws and legal structures that relate to starting a small business. In Florida (and elsewhere), there are several business structures available to someone starting a business:

Sole Proprietorship: Sole proprietorships are easy to set up and easy to disband. Profits are taxed at the owner’s individual federal tax rate, with the amount reported on Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ. Sole proprietorships do not file Florida corporate income tax returns.

Partnership: Partnerships can be formed as easily as sole proprietorships. These unincorporated businesses allow two or more people to share liability and provide capital. Business income is reported on partners’ individual tax returns. Limited partnerships must file with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.

Limited Liability Company: Limited liability companies, or LLCs as they are known, are a hybrid form of business that combines elements of partnerships and corporations. In Florida, LLCs may elect whether to be taxed as partnerships or corporations. On the federal level, LLCs with more than one member file a partnership return on IRS Form 1065 unless they elect to be classified as a corporation. LLCs must file with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.

Corporation: Corporations are separate legal entities that must be incorporated with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. The two types of corporations are the C-Corporation and the S-Corporation. With a C-Corporation, the corporation rather than individuals pays taxes and assumes liabilities. Florida’s corporate tax is 5.5%. An S-Corporation allows up to 75 shareholders to share income and expenses and to report them on their individual income tax returns.

Business Disputes

An experienced attorney can be very useful when resolving business disputes between customers, suppliers and vendors, employees, owners, shareholders and partners. I can also handle any business litigation needs you may have.


Having the right contract in place can save your business time and money. I can draft, review and negotiate contracts for sales representatives, distributors, independent contractors, vendors and more.

Employee Matters

I can also help you resolve employment law issues, including: employer and employee disputes, severance negotiations, and workplace discrimination cases.

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